tired... i slept at 2am last night... wasn't in good mood.. my friend kian chuan, he called and chatted with me, trying to cheer me up.. thanks bro.. i'm alright.. what has happened, it has already past. =)

emmm.. my data entry gonna finish soon, just left a bit more. after work, as usual, alex (my course mate) fetches me to kelana jaya lrt station. i met a friendly uncle while i was waiting for the next train to arrive. he was going to klcc for his dinner with friends.

he is very friendly, he chatted with me about working stuff, study stuff... he even shared his opinions and tips on living in the working society. glad to learn something from him... he suggested me to learn something else other than just knowing about IT. for the extra knowledge we have, we can use it to earn money as a part of working or known as a part time job. i think what he told me is right, we will be able to earn more money for ourselves. it was really nice chatting with him. we chatted along the way from kelana jaya to kl central.. i have to get out from the train at kl central... *sob sob* thanks uncle!

actually i was decided to take a short nap in the train, but... wuakaka... chat with the uncle is more valuable... *blek* kekeke..

arrghhh... rapid kl bus was late AGAIN!! what's the meaning of rapid? check your dictionary if you are not sure. from dictionary.com, it is an adjective, means
1. occurring within a short time; happening speedily: rapid growth.
2. moving or acting with great speed; swift: a rapid worker.
3. characterized by speed: rapid motion.
i think u72 is in-charged by three driver... one of the drive is so... shit... (no other word i can use to describe him ><" he impatient, never take care of passengers' safety... what a bad driver he is. he let the back door open while the bus was on driving. *sweat* i was just standing near to the back door... kinda worried... worried of a few passengers who stood beside me just now. this stupid driver sometimes will step on the brake suddenly... crazy..

my sister hates this driver too.. gonna complain him to rapid kl... anyone know how? i complained in www.complaints.com.my before, but it doesn't work. today's bus was late... i have waited for half hour for bus number u72... aikss... wasted my precious time... lolx...



Well.. you can talk well to a stranger without barrier, impressive.

but I do believe in FATE... XD

Rëŋϊѕë said...

kekeke... talk well to stranger huh...
maybe.. this is how i am.. lolx..

hey bro... long time didn't chat with you nie...xD

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