tiring sunday

it's really tiring, i feel sleepy... hahah.. i went to book fest in this noon, together with my sister. =)

i was attracted with this book, titled Web Layout 设计的美学. it's really useful but the price is kinda expensive, rm80. original price is 580 renminbi (china), it's equivalent with m270 (around this price) without discount. *sighs*

well, we didn't buy any books, just hang out together in klcc. having late lunch in cold storage, 'cause klcc was crowded with people in many places, fast food restaurants, food court... faint ><"

we have a burger for each of us and shared a set of sushi. haha... after that, we went to kinokuniya bookstore, look around for interesting books. we weren't buying anything at klcc today. just having lunch there. lolx... it's ok.

just now i was trying to concentrate in doing my tutorial questions, but all of a sudden, so many people chat with me in MSN. *sweat* asking for help in blog, asking for second hand books to buy, and my classmate telling me something about the tutorial question... hahaha.. was busy. finally i've done my tutorial now, almost. *blek*

emmmm... i'm gonna have lecture at 9am later. gotta go now. =)



The Book look quite interesting.. the cover look very attractive...

Rëŋϊѕë said...

lolx... the content inside is more interesting than the cover.

aikss... unfortunately i din buy it.
kinda expensive lerrr

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