there are two good news to write for this entry... wuakakaka...

yesterday night, ms ting sms me...
mr tan and ms lim asking me bout your performance. i help u to back up already and glad to say that you will be in u1 next semester
hehe... i'll be in u1 class next semester onwards... probably ms lim has received my second application letter, which i have passed it to the office after my english exam on wednesday. thank you ms ting!

and... another good news is... i finally found my new roommate.. she's a cute girl... who will be taking a course in business.. i still do not know what course she'll be taking. she called me this morning, on around 9am, and i said i'll meet her at 1pm. her mom promised me that she'll gimme an answer by today. within 2 hours' time, her mom called and spoke to me that she agreed with the deal. haha.. but just that she haven't gimme the deposit... she said she'll pay it to me when she moves in. well... alrite~

was raining when i reached GK just now, around 1.30pm. haha... no choice... have to use umbrella while going back to kl central..



so you can choose to remain in the same group?

I also facing the same problem... I am very worry that I will shift to other group during 2nd Year ~ which i really don't want to ~!!!

any solution?

Rëŋϊѕë said...

i'm from u2 class, but applied shift to u1 class... i wanna change class better than remain in the same class...

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