yesterday i wasn't have chance to write an entry, because my sister was using my lap top for the whole night. *sob sob* i was really tired yesterday...

after bathed and took my dinner, i was lying on my bed, listening to MP3s in my phone, SMS-ing and.... i fell asleep after that. when i opened my eyes, i saw that all the lights are off, only the bathroom light is still on. wuakakaka... everybody was sleeping... i didn't even look at the time.

i jumped to my own bed and... continue sleeping... until 7.45am this morning. i was almost late to work... kekeke... my mom's boss was waiting at the bus stop while i was walking toward the bus stop. so sorry to keep her waiting.. she's the one who fetches me to my workplace every morning. her office is at kelana centre point i guess, while mine is at kelana square... *blek*



wah~ so you everyday need so early go to work lor ~

must be very tiring ~ dont wear out yourself... rest more

take care :-)

Rëŋϊѕë said...

emmm.. thx ya.. will take k de..
kekeke... still will tahan til 2nd yr 1st sem starts...
gonna bring my juniors... =p

when new sem starts... gonna c ya soon...maybe.. =p

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