arrr.... it's a tiring day although i just stay in house and not going anywhere. well... i couldn't get through to ms lim's office (head of CS division), she wasn't in her office when i called her for a few times. so i have decided to bring the letter to her tomorrow.

before bringing that letter to her, i'll go to low yat plaza with shiun jeng, my ex-classmate. kekeke... i was in the same class with him for 6 years in primary school and 3 years in secondary school i guess.. haha... i'm becoming an old aunty, can't remember well already.. *lolx*

ah ya... was talking about going to low yat plaza.. he has sent a sms to me this afternoon, asking for my help to choose a lap top for him tomorrow. since i'm free, why not? hahaha... he told me his preferable price which is around 2-3k. "ok! i'll do some research online", that was what i told him just now. kekeke... actually i do found a few nice ones and jot down on a piece of paper, just a draft one. other than that, i'm going to buy two 1gb ram for my lap top too. it's starting to slow down it's speed when i tried to open a few softwares or applications together. besides, windows vista is going to take over xp soon. it "eats" more ram than xp, so i guess i have to buy it too, just the matter of now or later. haha..

hmmm... what else? tomorrow i have to fix the keypad of my phone, hang around in imbi plaza or low yat plaza to buy shiun jeng's lap top and my ram. then, go to college and pass the letter to the office (if she's not in the office). and? i'm done! hahahaa... i might not have much time on next week onwards... going to start working next monday, with my coursemate yong fei.. he's a really smart guy.. i'm envy of his good work for his high CGPA. i have to work hard too... *sighs*

might work until the end of may, when the 4th semester starts, i guess i'll stop working and concentrate more on my studies. 4th semester, it's also my fist semester, but in year 2! hahaha.. can't wait for the new semester to start, i'll get into senior-year soon. but, i'm a lil' bit worry, next semester will have more tough units to study. gambatte! have to work hard for higher CGPA. higher CGPA, it's not just my hope, it's everyone's hope. hehehe... so guys, work hard for it!

i will take leave on 20th may. haha... new juniors will be meeting up all together during the mass call (the orientation day for the freshies). and i will lead them to another lecture hall and start briefing. kekeke... not just me, but together with my course representative, treasurer and printing manager. you might be wondering why am i involving in it? haha... ahhemm.. lemme tell you, i'm one of the important person in the course.. the assistant course representative. wuakakaka... well, not showing off, k?

new intake is getting closer, it means that i'm already here in my course and my college for one year. just that... time flies... and we grow up... it's another step of moving forward. let's move out! gambatte!


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