emmm... was a long time i didn't write a blog entry in english language... wuakakaka.. well... gotta use kinda proper english instead of using english in short forms.. kekeke...

it's a rainy morning... i taught of going to college in the morning... but.. the rain stopped me by going out.. i don't like to go out when it's raining.. just feel so uncomfortable to go out.. need to bring umbrella and so on... in short... i'm lazy... *blek*

i have to meet the head of computer science division to change my class to u1 class permanently. it's really time consuming to see the big shot without making appointment. besides waiting, i need to waste time in taking lrt and bus. hate this kind of feeling. but what can i do? has been a long time i didn't drive, just feel a lil' bit afraid in driving. last friday night i drove for a short distance with only 80km/h... it considered really slow not only for me, because i was driving on north-south highway man... *speechless*

1105 in the morning... rain stopped... hmmm... should i go? or shouldn't i? *confused* arrghhh... tomorrow will do... i guess i'm gonna make an appointment with the head of CS division for tomorrow. i feel like it's a bit impolite if i just go and look for her without any appointment.

well... lemme rest for today... tomorrow if i go to college... i think i would wanna stop by at imbi to fix the keypad of my phone.. it's so pity... the keypad skin color dropped.. it's like... a small part of it is naked. =X


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