it's another boring weekend... i don't exactly know what am i doing in this afternoon. bored, bored, bored... what can i do? i got no mood to read through the essays guidelines.. no movie to watch, no one chats with me in msn, and i don't play online games. any suggestions?

my friend ai ling already finished all her papers, but mine will be on next wednesday. the one and only paper i have for this semester, the boring english subject. not to say boring, but it needs to write a lot, 2 hours paper which we need to write 2 essays, reading comprehension, and a cloze passage. what can we do it is just write, write, write and write. *faint*

perhaps, i gotta read through the guidelines before i sit for the exam, i don't wanna get C for this unit. my previous english results in first and second semester were B and B- so, this semester i am going to aim for B in this paper, or... maybe B- is still ok. this unit "english for science" is more tough than the two previous english exams, i don't think i can get an A for this.

cathryn is going to take her pcd1 exam next monday, i'm sure she will pass this time. gambatte all!



Renise, Next time you are very free but very boring, you can always find me chat in MSN o ~

Renise said...


hehe... no prob...
u too the same ya..

msg me in msn to disturb oso can..
when u c i put my status 'online',
means i'm really free..

kekeke.. most of the time,
i'm in 'online' status norh..


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