tiring day... woke up at 6.20am wash up and finish my breakfast.. gotta work.. *sob sob* as usual like i used to do when i work at kelana jaya, follow my sister in the morning, my mom will fetch her to school, then after a while, she'll drop me at kl central around 7.30am.

hmmm... yong fei was late today, so we took cab to kelana square instead of taking bus, because that was already 8.50am. yong fei is doing data entry for dutch lady, and again i'm doin RMKC project this time. maybe linda (project manager) thinks that know well in this project, so, she pass the project to me again. it's not much job to do for RMKC now, just need to verify the customers' house address, or do some corrections on it. that's all =) just simple and easy.

after a long while, i'm able to call for more than 200 calls for my first day, without any outbound script. woo... i'm such a genius, yey! *blek* just kidding.. it's true that i have called for more than 200 calls today, but... i am not a genius..

errr... finally shubha was honest to me, so kind of her... she said i have gained weight... *sob sob* thanks shubha, i am going to do something to fix this.. help~ have to work hard in all aspects now, studies, work, rest, healthy, and my weight.... T.T
will write again soon



den you need to call how many times then only consider as genius??

so you gotta work hard on your weight, but health is more important ya ~

Take Care lo ~

Rëŋϊѕë said...

haha... i'm not genius..
thx... will work hard.. kekeke..

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