mass call for may 08/09 intake

it's tiring for today... woke up at 6.30am, reached college at about 8am. i walked from melati lrt station to canteen 2. tired... exhausted... *sob sob* we chatted and waited from canteen 2 and cafeteria at sports complex. we have to bring our juniors to dk abb lecture hall.. haha...

same as my batch, like how seniors conducted briefing to us. we "reuse" it to our juniors today. *blek* we let them play a game, it's "20 cents and 50 cents" game, and we have a short "get-to-know" session, to let them know their new course mates. other than that, we have chosen 4 of them to be the course representative, assistant course representative, treasurer and sports manager.

it 's really tiring.. haha.. maybe i'm lazy, that's why i feel tired.. lolx.. well, we have decided to break the course to 2 groups, take them for a short college tour, but... it was too crowded, all of them "sesat" already... haha.. no choice... we managed to bring a few of them for a shorter college tour... lolx... so pai seh, only 5 or 6 of the new freshies were with us.

we went to canteen 1 for our lunch rather than canteen 2, canteen 2 was too crowded with people. after lunch, i left the canteen earlier, to meet my new house mate. kekeke... he has grabbed by a senior asking him to go to the OO night audition. lolx.. i waited for him... it's about 15 minutes for the audition... he didn't do well... never mind, just go for fun.. i brought him to the college hall and i went to dk abb after that. my u1 brothers was about to leave, it was about 1.30pm. so... i left dk abb with them, by taking bus and lrt back to my parents' house.

so sleepy.. i took a nap after i came back from the bank after 4pm. tomorrow gotta back to work.. *sob sob* 3 more days to work, i have to be patient although i'm sick of working there... what to do...? have to be patient....


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