saw any differences? i've changed my template

i woke up by a SMS from my senior this morning, she asked me out with her and her classmate. they hope that i can teach them on how to use adobe dreamweaver cs3 that i've gave her the software on.. emm... one or two months before... kekeke.. they gonna do a website in group for their final year project.

"no problem!" that's what pops up in my mind on that time... hahaha... i'm always so free in weekends as well as public holidays =)
we went to taman desa around 1 or 2pm, a cafe called "hao wei dao" (好味道)... hehehe... it has wi-fi, that's why we chose to enter the cafe on that time. *blek*

i've written nothing related to the title here? be patient... lolx...

i've changed my template to... emm... shorter? more neat? easier to use?
guys and girls, please gimme some comments. i need your opinion about the layout now.
so that i will be able to improve, and to know how people thinks about their preferable webpage looks like...

gonna sleep soon... tomorrow i'm gonna meet my juniors... wuakakaka... there's a may 2008/09 intake for my college (tarc)... i'll bring my IT course freshies to the hall for briefing and other stuff maybe.

will write again soon.. =)



many links move to the top~


i found easier to navigate your blogsite ~

keep it up ~ ! -)

Rëŋϊѕë said...

kekeke... thanks bro =)

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