thanksgiving day?

i have only 2 hours lecture for today, and it was kinda bored. =X

i returned the CDs to block D303, and i saw my housemate is working as lab assistant at D303. lolx... what a coincidence... hahaha.. after i've returned the CDs, i rushed to dk x to attend ADIS (Analysis and Design of Information System) lecture. 2 hours lecture, was quite bored in there. what was the lecturer taught in lecture hall just now, we have learnt it during our previous semester (on second semester). kekeke...

i went to meet up with my coursemate and a forum friend just now, he considers as my senior as well, he's taking Advanced Diploma in Business Information System (first year student). he's originally from Johor, i get to know him a year ago, at he was studying for his diploma at TARC Johor branch campus before coming to KL main campus.

he's kind to borrow his photocopied reference book to me for my reference. it's Programming in Visual Basic.Net 2005 Edition. kekeke... thanks to him, thanks fei young!

emmm... i just noticed jason's message at my chat box.. he has done the "roundup intro" at his blog. check out on Jason's blog! he arranged the names in alphabetical order, i'm at number 16. it looks like this (extracted from Roundup Introduction):

Blogger name :

Blog address :

Blog review :
She is a very interesting writer in her age, her writing is so transparent to be visible to you of what hapen in her college life,reading her blog give you a dose of smile everyday, wondering what hapen to her, might hapen to you, and you keep wondering,
i love the blog review he wrote for me, thanks jason!


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