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“Music, the greatest good that mortals know,
And all of heaven we have below.” ... Joseph Addison

Music with a console
A music player console with controls of the volume, on and off buttons, would give your visitors a choice on how he wants the music played. With the code stated below, the music will not play unless the visitor clicks the play button.

You can either insert the music console into your Blog post or your sidebar. If you want it in the sidebar, go to Template -> Page Elements -> Add a Page Element, select HTML/JavaScript.

The code to insert is this:-

<embed autostart="false" height="40" loop="true" playcount="2" src="URL of music file" width="300"/></embed>

For instance, using the following code:-

<embed autostart="false" height="40" loop="true" src="" width="300"/></embed>
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Faster Web Page Load Time
There are online tools that you can use to check the download time of your Blog. We used this Website Speed Test to check the load time of our 3 Blogs. You can enter a maximum of 10 web addresses. It will show you the page size, load time, and average speed per KB. This is what we got:-

Faster Web Page Load Time

Generally, it is best to keep the load time to under 2 seconds, but anything up to 8 seconds is acceptable. These results are therefore satisfactory and our efforts in minimizing the load time have paid off. Although it looks good on record, there were still times when our page took longer than it should to load. As we shall explain, some of these factors are beyond our control.

Here are some of the tips that can improve your site's performance:-

1. Sounds, Videos and Gadgets
2. Images and Pictures
3. Connection to external servers
4. Width and Height tags
5. JavaScript and external scripts
6. HTML clean up
7. Simplicity in design
8. Links check
9. Contents spread
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Hide or Remove Navbar in Blogger
The Blogger or Blogspot Navbar is a default feature that appears at the top of every Blogger powered blog. It is a useful navigation tool which allows readers to search the blog for targeted content, mark the blog as objectionable, and randomly view other member blogs.

Hide or Remove Navbar in Blogger

The Navbar can be disabled for users who publish contents via FTP, but it will appear on all freely hosted BlogSpot blogs. While the feature is undeniably useful, some people find that its position at the top of the page looks obtrusive even with a choice of 4 colors. Some therefore pick a template with a black background to blend well with a black navigation bar. There are also parents and educators who find the 'view random blogs' feature inappropriate, as their children may inadvertently view objectionable blogs.
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source: Tips for New Bloggers

wuakakaka... i find it's very useful and helpful to all bloggers, don't you think so?

i've checked my blog speed, it takes quite a long time... about 12 seconds.. *sob sob*


Teddy said...


plz go here c...

the symbol is suppose to move move but it wont..

i duno wat u mean by transparent or movable picture.. heheh paiseh

Rëŋϊѕë said...

it's BMP file... static image.. will not move... = =

you have so much of time to online,
try to explore more html knowledge on

it's helpful =)

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