waiting for new semester to begin

hohoho... finally... i've ended my part time job in this semester break... yey!! timetable for my course still not available... *sighs* waiting for the timetable to release... i really can't wait to start my new semester.... i'm gonna get into year 2 of my diploma! haha... i repeated this quite many times... sorry~ kekeke...

haha... guess what... i recorded this few days ago.. errr... i guess... 2 or 3 days ago... i just realized my water bottle has written "i wish now is 18:00" and highlighted in blue font... haha... watch this:

saw it? that time i was too bored... so, once i realized the blue highlighted words, the first thing popped in my mind was to record it... *blek* i recorded this on my desk in the office... kekeke...

i've to continue watch a drama... last time i wasn't have chance to watch all, so.. i watch all over again now... i watch it together with my sister.. it's an outdated drama...《恶作剧之吻》.. it's chapter 28th now... 2 more chapters to go... kekeke...

will write again soon =)


G~jwen said...

ur blog is very beautiful leh!!!
how u do it ??
can u teach me??
Thanks for ur comment!!

Adelin*yao said...

Ya lor..
Ur blog is beautiful~~

Teddy said...

renise renise..
miss u...

i no internet, so long no come ur blog liao..

Rëŋϊѕë said...

hahaha... yesterday wasn't be able to post..
went out almost whole day =)

thanks y'all

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