yesterday wasn't free to write... kekeke... was busy editing the notice that i asked my senior to paste in front of genting court tomorrow. *sighs* it's the notice to look for my roommate. he's gonna print and paste for me... so good of him... thanks ya! treat you an ice cream when i see you again... kekeke...

in about 5 minutes time, i did this image as my blog icon --->
saw the image? it's beside my blog url... *blek* tired of looking at the "B" sign of blogger... *lolx* just kidding... i just wanna try something new. that's all.

i got back home earlier today, 3pm.... just work one hour after lunch... due to the sort of RMKC data. wuakakaka... i can back home earlier, avoiding from traffic jam and the crowd... love the feeling so much... *lolx* tomorrow will be saturday! it's my weekend... gonna go out with friends for a movie... kekeke.. i wanna watch "shadows in the palace"..

Shadows in the Palace (궁녀 - Goongnyeo) is a 2007 South Korean film directed by Kim Mee-jeung. This is Kim Mee-jeung's first feature film, but she has previously worked as part of the directing staff in The King and the Clown (2005) and Shadows in the Palace was filmed on the same set as the The King and the Clown. The movie is a fictionalized account of court maids during South Korea's Joseon era.
it's a story about...
A maid-in-waiting hangs herself within the palace walls. However, while performing the autopsy, imperial medic Chun-ryung suspects murder and starts an investigation. With a taste for justice and full of wisdom, Chun-ryung bravely uncovers the deceptions. But she is soon confronted with a hidden past kept secret by those with far more power than she could ever imagine.
source: wikipedia



i got lots of movies havent't watch yet T_T >.<

so how's the "Shadows in the Palace"?

Rëŋϊѕë said...

hvnt watch... gonna watch tmr... kekeke

Teddy said...

haloo.. came frm blogmalaysia..

u r chinese wor..
thot u were malay at 1st..

u r form 6 student ah?


Teddy said...

oh.. so u study wat diploma?
DBA ah? In JB?

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