alicia and kon nee both of them not free to go for a movie.. therefore.. my sister and i are not going to mid valley for a movie today. i just stay at home whole day... online, going to forum, write my 4th and 5th part for the short story, chatting, blogging.... *sighs*

finally i watched "ah long pte ltd" today... hahaha... last time my classmates went for that movie in a gang without me... then, no one can accompany me to watch that movie already, so i just left it aside. since today i'm free... i searched for that movie in a website, and i found it! kekeke... last few weeks when i searched in there, i couldn't get the full version, but today, i got it!

i watched in here ah long pte ltd []

Chen Jun (played by Richard Low) is the leader of Shao He Triad. He is retiring from the triad and money-lending business. He was succeeded by a young lady, Wang Li Hua (played by Fann Wong), who tries to restructure the "Ah Long (money-lenders) system" as much as possible to dismiss the use of violence to make money-borrowers pay them back.

Li Hua and several of her subordinates (played by KK Wong and Daniel Tan) start implementing a series of creative methods to attract people to borrow money. They also practice hilarious methods to pressure the money-borrowers to repay in a way that is not violent. However, this restructuring was met with opposition from the majority of the "elders" in both her own and rival triad.

Li Hua was pressurised by her mother to get married. Li Hua decides to force Mr. Fang (played by Mark Lee) to marry her. Mr. Fang is a dance instructor who appears sissy. Mr. Fang agrees to the propose, wanting to prove his masculinity. Subsequently, Mr. Fang offers to help Li Hua out by introducing creative ways to reduce violent methods of debt collection.

(to be continued)
here's the ending... i wasn't notice this in the movie eh? hahaha...
Mr. Fang fetches Li Hua on the day of her release out of jail. Mr. Fang surprised her by bringing her to a office opened by Mr. Fang with members of Shao He Triad. Li Hua found the drive to lead again in the office after being idled away in jail for 10 years.
source: wikipedia



the movie is very nice and funny.

nice to watch ~ !

Rëŋϊѕë said...

hahaha... ya... it's really funny..
especially jojo... the guy in the movie.. xD

Teddy said...

err... u got interpret wrongly or not.. got that ending meh?
how come i din c wan..

he just say he become widower for 10 years liao, then no more rite?!

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