again same like last friday, i've done all my work on 3pm.. well, i left the office around 3.20pm.. met my friend loi pheng and kon nee in kl central when i reached kl central from kelana jaya lrt station... kekeke...

kon nee is having semester break now... just the same like me... =)
she's studing in utar now... kampar campus... not in kl.. she's taking degree in business admin... kekeke.. cool... and loi pheng is now working as an insurance agent... she looks pretty in her formal clothes... but today... she's not wearing her coat.. *blek* off duty! hahaa... actually, she didn't go to work today... wasn't feeling well, she said..

emmm... my eyes are tired... i found something useful here... it's useful for people who blog, owns his/her website, forum, and etc...
Most of the time, the default blog themes / templates look dull and not as attractive as they might be. Then, we start to look for / create our own design for our blogs. However, many bloggers forget an essential step during the implementation of new blog themes / templates.

You may be customizing your blog in Microsoft Internet Explorer and your visitors may be using othre browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Flock and many other browsers. Your blog may look near to perfect in your browser but not others. To ensure your blog is "browser compatible", here is a great tool that every web designer (in this case, us as bloggers) should use -- BrowserShots

BrowserShots enable you to preview your web design (blog) in different platform. You can choose from a list of options from different Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, Linux...) and different browsers and versions (IE, Opera, Firefox....)

You can also choose settings such as screen size, color depth, enable or disable Java, Javascript and Flash. After selecting your options, type in your blog URL and click on the “Submit” button.

Then all you have to do is wait and refresh that page to get your screenshots preview. You can also download all the screenshots for reference.

As easy as that. Have you ensure your blog is browser compatible?

Click here to view original full article.
source: Blog Malaysia Forum


Apple said...

Thanks for quoting my article :)
Happy blogging.

Rëŋϊѕë said...

ur content about it is very useful =)

Teddy said...

KL got how many UTAR ah Ms Renise?!

Section 14 PJ got one rite?! Kampar in duno wat state oso got one rite.. then??


thanks for the info ^^

Rëŋϊѕë said...

haha... you are most welcome =)

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