[anime]《Itazura na Kiss》

quite a long time i didn't write in here... kekeke.. thought that i was busy? no... i'm not busy... just felt like nothing much to write, therefore i wasn't writing it.

well, my coursemates and i were celebrating Sheau Pei and Gazo's birthday at Station One on last friday night. we snapped many photos, but not using my phone. hahaha... the only photo i have is this:

hahaha.. they are Gazo and Sheau Pei, was our birthday boy (6th june) and birthday girl (7th june), we celebrated their birthdays together. xD

on saturday, nothing much to do at home for whole day, let the MSN login itself, and i was watching movies and drama for whole saturday, almost. hahaha... was watching an animation (drama) titled《イタズラなKiss》(in chinese: 恶作剧之吻 / in japanese pronounce as: Itazura na Kiss). it's like emm... more than 90% the same as《恶作剧之吻》in taiwanese version. kekeke... the taiwanese version《恶作剧之吻》came from the original manga (comic) version by the author Kaoru Tada.《Itazura na Kiss》was then brought to the animation world by the director Osamu Yamazaki.
[more info >>]

《Itazura na Kiss》has 10 episodes at the moment, the 11th episode is coming soon on 11th june. xD gotta wait...

it's late night now, or maybe... the night is still young? o.O
the night view is nice and it's so peaceful... gonna sleep soon...


Teddy said...


auntie Renise

UR BOY FREN AH?! hehehe


happy birthday to ur coursemate ! =)

Teddy said...

this song real nice very cute cute..wat title ah

Rëŋϊѕë said...

99 times i love him?
it's 《99次我爱他》in the 《命中注定我爱你》OST.


Florence said...

《イタズラなKiss》this animation nice ma?hahaha last time i like to watch d 恶作剧之吻 so much ! XD ahaha

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