Journal for the Past One Week

Was a long time I didn't update my blog, I'm so sorry to all my blog visitors, and blog readers. *nod nod* I was busy for.... I don't know what I'm busy with.. Hahaha. xD Was doing the Behavioral Science (BS) assignment, Internet Programming (IP) report. And now, I'm doing the Managing Information System (MIS) assignment. Seems busy, but.... Not really busy actually. xD

Just as usual, I went to college, attended lectures and tutorial classes. Arghhh... I have been in a tight corner this few days. It rained right after my last class ended. Duhhh.... I gotta take the damn umbrella, waited for the bus to take me back to Genting Klang, then walked all the way to reach my house. I hate this kind of feeling seriously. It just made me feel freaking uncomfortable with my feet on the wet shoe, and my long jeans got wet too. Grrrrrr...

Felt bad seriously, i wore my jacket in classes on Thursday, was feeling so cold. *sob sob* And my jacket wasn't give me any warmth. T_T Friday i didn't go to college, skipped all my classes on Friday. xD I went back to my parents' house on Thursday evening.

Well, here's another piece of my work, using Photoshop again. It's a banner for a chinese forum, Coool Chinese Forum (酷中文论坛).

* Click on the image for enlargement.

The banner is now put in the forum~~ Kekeke... xD

Talking bout designing stuff, I still haven't start designing another poster for the RIAs Technology mentioned in the previous entry/post. How should I design it? It has to be in a size of 840mm x 2079mm or 33.096 x 81.9126 inches. It's kinda weird in its size, 'cause it is a form of 4 (width) x 7 (height) pieces of A4 papers (portrait). Hahaha. xD

Other than doing the poster, I still gotta do the summary for RIAs Technology. >< Duhh.... Have to spend some time to get that done. And, tomorrow I gotta get some time to do revision for BS and Discrete Maths tests on Monday. T_T


sf said...

So what is the answer to the question "How do I add the 'following" widget to my OLD blog template? I am not ready to make the switch!

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

Thanks for visiting, Sarah.

dev said...

read your blog from time to time, may know what course you take?(wanna know after u write "Internet Programming (IP) report")

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

i'm taking Internet Programming course. xD

thanks for visiting my blog frequently. =)

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