Christmas Soon~ Merry Christmas to All~

HOHOHO! Christmas is coming soon, wish everyone has a merry Christmas this year. xD Here's my little wishing to all my blog readers, visitors, friends, and so on. Haha.... Too many to mention maybe. =P

Anyone of you planned how to celebrate this Christmas? Hehe... This Christmas is on Thursday, for sure I won't be going to class on Friday. xD If I got no plan on that day, most probably will back to parents' house, accompany mama~ Hehe. xD

Emmm... Few days ago, on Wednesday (17th December 2008), my college was having ICT Showcase in the college hall. I was involving in one of a Technology Booth, the Rich Internet Application Technology Booth. I was on duty from 2-5pm on that day. Hehe. Snapped some photos while we were about to clean up everything at around 4.45pm. =)

* The RIA poster and summary

* Renise and Ms Carolyn Ting

* Renise and Ms Carolyn Ting

* Poh Kian and Renise

Hehe~ Was rushing my Electronic Publishing assignment few days ago, finally, I have printed the hardcopy of my publication, the Wedding Invitation Card. xD Gonna pass up on next Wednesday. Still left one more assignment to rush, the Internet Programming assignment. This coming Monday I gotta have a presentation for Behavioral Science on the topic I have done with my team members on Leadership. =) Hope I can do well in the presentation.

Will write again soon. Exam's coming soon, have to work hard everyone! Gambatte!


En silencio said...

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Thanks and merry Christmas!

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