My Christmas Day

It has been a really long time i didn't write anything about myself here. There's something happened to me in this 2 weeks. It seems real, but somehow, it's so unreal. I wished that it could last long, but it was not. It's a long story, I don't think I wanna mention about it again. I was being hurt in love relationship over and over again. But to him, I never complain, 'cause I feel it's worth to wait for someone I really wish to be with him together.

White Christmas~ Like I used to have in every Christmas. I went out to my senior's classmate's house (Jasmine's house) at Ampang to join them for BBQ party. I didn't eat much, just not feeling hungry at all. They then opened some alcoholic drinks, I saw two big bottles. One is tequila, another one is a red wine. That bottle of tequila contains 40% of alcohol, my first time drinking tequila. Was about 5 of us drinking, while others went to the playground chit chatting (the playground is just opposite to the house). We managed to finish the tequila and red wine in less than half hour, crazy~ My tummy was so full with these drinks... Feel like it was gonna burst anytime. =X

Among them, there are two seniors I am very close with, ST and CS. Thanks to both of you, was trying to comfort me, listened to my long story at the playground. Besides, thanks to Aaron too, for accompanying me on Tuesday night until 2+am. Around 2+am, most of us left Jasmine's house, only a few of them were staying overnight at her house. I was really sleepy and blur on that time. Probably 'cause of not having enough sleep on Tuesday night.

It's raining heavily now, a heavy rain in Christmas day... I'm having a written test tomorrow, for Internet Programming, and perhaps, Electronic Publishing (EP). I don't know whether I failed my EP test or not. *sighs*

Merry Christmas everyone.


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