Being Tagged Again~ Weird Tag

I'm tagged by Rin.

A-Attached or Single? Single
B-Best Friend? Elza, Xiao Ai, etc__ Too many names to list
C-Cake or pie? Cake
D-Day of choice? Friday~ No reason
E-Essential item? My phone and notebook
F-Favorite color? Black
G-Gummy bears or Worms? Neither
H-Home - On the earth
I-Indulgence - Online
J-June or July? July
K-Kids? I am, sometimes
L-Life is not complete without - YOU? xD
M-Marriage date - Who knows...
N-Number of magazine subscriptions? Nop
O-Orange or apple? Apple
P-Phobias? Agliophobia - Fear of pain
Q-Quotes? "I don't know"
R-Reason to smile? To make people around me not worrying bout me
S-Season of choice? Fall
T-Tag 5 people – Regina, Emily, Ning, CrazyWrazy, Kimberly
U-Unknown facts about me - If it's unknown, so how will I know? = ="
V-Vegetables? I eat vege, but none of them will be my favourite
W-Worst habit? Being online
X-X-ray or Ultrasound? Dislike both
Y-Your favorite foods? Anything delicious and spicy
Z-Zodiac sign- Virgo

Done~ xD


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