Change Classic Blogger Template to New Blogger Template (Part 2)

Adding ads (Nuffnang and Adsense) between blog posts

Nuffnang Ads:

Get your Nuffnang codes, edit all the double quotation marks into single quotation marks.

Then, replace the second </script> with a slash symbol (highlighted in pink).

Google Adsense

Get your Google Adsense codes, edit all the double quotation marks into single quotation marks. And clean up the codes as highlighted in pink (refer image below).

This is how your codes look like after that.

Steps are here:
  1. Add the codes highlighted with pink in front and at the end of your Nuffnang ads and/or Google Adsense codes. You can align the ads to the center by using the codes highlighted in green.

  2. Go to "Edit HTML" under "Layout" tab, click on the check box for Expand Widget Templates to expand the hidden codes. Look for the code <data:post.body/>, you will see that there's some codes under it that represents post, comment, label and etc. After the coding for label, it ends with </b:if>. Now, put your codes that you have done in Step 1 to the pointed area (refer the image below) before </span>.

  3. Save the template. Done? Any question please drop me a message in my comment box of this post.


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