First Week in This Semester~

Here comes the Friday~ There goes my first week of study. Time goes fast, right? Ahhh.. I know, time flies~ xD

Say bye bye to first week of this semester~ Okkay now, first week already past~ no more class in this week now. So, where's our Offer Letter to Advanced Diploma? Huh? I went to office and asked the staffs there, there was just two staffs in the front desk. I asked them in a polite way (2 of my coursemates can be my witness), "Ummm... May I know is the Offer Letters for AIT1 (my course code) ready to be collected?" Then she said "You course rep. ke?" I explained "No, I'm her assistant, she took the Offer Letters few days ago, but she don't have KL campus students' Offer Letters"

One thing I don't like about her is when she told me "Tunggu la". What is this?!?! I'm not your slave, kkay? You can just tell me that the Offer Letters still in pending or something else.

She's working in education line, but how come she cannot speak in a good way or in a polite way? I just don't understand. And I never think of understanding it.

Okkay, end of that story.

Two days ago, I went out with my ex-coursemate Jayne, to Pavilion for a movie. She's not able to graduate her Diploma. *sighs* Hope she'll gambatte to pass her remaining subjects. =) We snapped a few photos that day. xD We watched "Push". Hehe.. xD I was kinda sleepy on that day, and was 'fishing' in the cinema for a few times. LOL~

Hmmmm... Really have to get into study mode now. Haha. Hopefully~~ xD I got lotsa Network Communications (NC) lectures this week. Haha.. We met Ms Jessie in lecture 4 days out of 5 study days~ xD Next week we gonna have a new lecturer Dr Mark Merry, teaching us Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Won't be able to meet Ms Jessie in lecture for 3 weeks then. ><

Haha. Anyway, gambatte to all~ xD


Sharon said...

the staff at my uni have horrible service as well, its like we pay their salary (technically) but their attitude is terrible!
we complain about them all the time and even the lecturers cant stand them :P

♥ Renise said...


ya. office staff never be friendly since i first went to office 2 years ago.

Richard Ling said...

so PUSH was not nice?

♥ Renise said...


PUSH was okkay, they were like 'bad guys' hunt for 'jumpers' that kind of story if you watched JUMPER before. xD

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

ah poor jayne girl had a sulking face all over her eh...
wish both of u "keep getting better"-know who's track it is?

♥ Renise said...

who's track?

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

christina aguilera's

♥ Renise said...

i'm not her fans. haha.

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