Week 13 - Day 2 and CCNA Final Exam

Weeeheee~ 2 days passed~ 17th and 18th August, CHECKED!

Hmmm.. Let's see what I've done in Day 1 of this freaking busy Week 13 of the semester.

Monday~ My team mates was rushing for Flash assignment, while I have to revise on the past year papers for Digital Multimedia, 'cause I sat for the make good test on yesterday. Then, my class has English class replacement at 2 to 3.30pm, but only about 5 of us turned up to class. LOL~ About 70% of the classmates skipped English class.

After that, I went to one of my team mate's house to upload the Flash assignment, combine our personal report, and burn the assignment into a piece of CD. Then, move back to college, print our reports and hand in the assignment to SAS office to pass it to our tutor.

Okkay~ Here comes the Tuesday, 8am reported in to one of the Cisco lab at Block X. *sobs* ><" I took my Final Exam for CCNA~~! The minimum passing marks for the exam is 75%.

Phewww~ I was lucky~ I got 82.7%~~ Weeheeee~~

Look, I found something in a couple of minutes ago, it's the questions and answers in the Final Exam for CCNA. There are few sets / versions of questions and answers for CCNA Final Exam. I have found four sets at the moment.

Click to view Q&As for CCNA Final Exam (version 4.0):
set 1 || set 2 || set 3 || set 4

All the best to those students who are gonna take their CCNA Final Exam soon~ Gambatte! :)

A little entertainment here~ I found this video interesting~ Mac vs PC. Let's watch~ The creators of this video were inspired by the movie Transformers actually. Enjoy~

I gotta continue my work soon, there will be another test for me tomorrow. *sobs* Other than test, I will have presentation for Digital Multimedia, regarding the Flash assignment. *sobs sobs* Work hard everyone~ Will write again soon. :)


Jean said...

wow..pass CCNA? Congratzz~
I'm still wondering should I take CCNA myself..

♥ Renise said...

Jean, not yet pass all actually. Will still having CCNA along the whole Advanced Diploma course. >< It takes some time, since we are not only majoring CCNA, still have other units to study.

Hmmm... Maybe you should take up CCNA~ To have a professional cert, gain your value in the market. :]

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