2 Days Off, Busy Days Continues~

I skipped lecture on Wednesday, went to RedBox with Aeon, Yean Ting, See Yun and some of Yean Ting and See Yun's housemates, they are our AIT course seniors~ We had some good time hanging out together from 1-6pm in K-room. LOL~ Photos are with Yean Ting, will be uploaded later.

After that, it was movie time with LF at Mid Valley, we watched "Up in the Air", hmmm.. Not really a bored movie, just that the storyline wasn't interesting enough. :]

Hmm.. Then, on Thursday, during interval break between classes, my classmates and I walked to Alpha Angle at Wangsa Maju. LOL~ It was my first time walking from college to TBR and to there after lunch. WOOT~! Just hung around there while my classmate got something to get, and i bought a clothes for myself too. :]

It's Friday~~ I didn't plan to attend any class today, 'cause I have stuff to be done for next week. I gotta grab some time to do or else I won't be really free in this weekend to prepare for next Monday's final online assessment for CCNA3 and Tuesday's Moral presentation. *Sobs*

Gotta continue my preparation, update again next time. :]


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