Penang Trip on Last Weekend

Halo everyone~! Has been quite a long time I didn't update here, I'm sorry, I was errr... Kind of busy I guess. LOL~ Just feeling tired after work, hardly online when I'm home. :]

Last Thursday night, Devis and I watched "The Bounty Hunter" at Mid Valley. Thought that he usually finish work late, so we bought ticket for 11:45pm show. But then, ended up he finished work so early, duhh... Haha, never mind, I pack my stuff slowly while waiting for time to pass.

Saw me written that I was packing my stuff, right? Yeah~ I was preparing to go for a family trip with Devis and his family to Penang Island, a 3-days trip. :] For quite a long time since I last been there.

We went to Kek Lok Si quite late on Friday (Wesak Day), so we went there again on Saturday morning. The Kuan Yin statue is huge.

We visited quite some temples in Penang Island, including Snake Temple too. I snapped some photos using sister of Devis's camera, I still haven't get the photos from her yet. I only snapped a few photos with my HTC Touch Diamond 2. Look, it's a golden Buddha statue! Pretty golden~

We also went to the beach at Batu Feringghi, it was really a great view being at the beach, looking at the blue sea. We snapped some photos too. If possible, I'll try to upload later either in here or in Facebook. :]

When we were in Penang, we stayed at Cititel Penang comfortably, and of course we brought great feel to our tummies too. Haha~ Laksa (or known as Asam Laksa here), Prawn Soup Noodle, Fried Kuey Teow, Ice Kacang, Popiah and some other snack and dishes that we don't see in KL.

Weehee, my sister made these couple voodoo dolls for me and Devis. They are so adorable~ One for me, one for Devis. I took the guy, he took the girl. xD

My sister made quite some voodoo dolls too, she sometimes do it upon her friends' requests, sell it, as well as do some for her friends as gifts. Cuteness~~~ She can customize for you or let you customize it too!

I shall put a full stop here at this moment, take care everyone~


JAI said...

Wahh..hope you enjoyed..

♥ Renise said...

hehe yes i did~ thanks jai :]

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