Here Comes August 2010!

Quite a long time since last updated my blog. LOL~ Sorry peeps. :]

It's almost a week past August. Weeee~ There are 7 weeks left to end my internship! And at the same time, new semester or I should say my last semester is gonna begin right after the 7th week from now. Woohooo~~ xD

I'm kinda free in this few days, didn't really have programming tasks in this two weeks, only some data entry tasks to do. *Sighs* So in this few days, I was doing the graphic user interface (GUI) of my Final Year Project (FYP).

The first draft of seminar report suppose to hand in to my FYP supervisor in August, but.. But.. It is still halfway done since my last update on.. On exactly a month ago...?!?! OMG~ I'm just too lazy once I 'paused' my seminar report. I'm hopeless, right? ><"

Besides intern and college stuff, Devis is getting better already, after a month of rest staying at home. :]

For so long time I didn't go to cyber cafe with a gang of people, I just went there on last Sunday. LOL~ Was with Devis and his gang, before they started DOTA, we played Counter Strike. OMG~~ I remember the last time I've been to cyber cafe and played Counter Strike was on year 2007, after semester exam on September. WOOT! That was nearly 3 years ago. xD

I'm totally not into any online or offline game. Not to mention about my skill in Counter Strike, one of his friend's skill is even worst than me. Haha~~

Currently I'm looking for a used unit of GPS (for car use), one of Devis's friend wants it. Budget around RM200-300, hmmm.. Still looking for one. And, I'm gonna help my sister to look for a notebook. Probably gonna get one within this few days. *Phew*

Let's listen to a song from Eminem and Rihanna, Love the Way You Lie.


suhaisweet said...

Nice one!, Visit my latest, goin' to touch ur heart, hopefully ;D

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