full lectures for tuesday *bored*

ahahahaha... another reference book is needed... ><"

Book Title: Systems Analysis and Design, Seventh Edition
Author(s):Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Harry J. Rosenblatt
Publisher: Course Technology (Thomson Learning)

hopefully i'll be able to get a second hand copy of this book.. otherwise... i give up... just rely on lecture notes should be ok i guess =)

today 3 hours in the same lecture hall for 3 different units... lolx... cool... but it's bored... bored being in the same lecturer hall for 3 hours. we were losing our attention in the last lecture just now. hahaha...

finally, we have got our complete timetable. sas school is really slow... *sweat* what to do...? no choice but to wait.

tomorrow we are not going to have class... only for my tutorial group i mean.. wuakakaka... i was kinda losing patience just now, while i was installing "Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition" and "MSDN Library Visual Studio 2005"... the CDs that i've borrowed from college are totally like crap... they are like CDs used for many times, looks scratched.. *speechless*

gonna get another copies of CDs from Xiao Ai tomorrow, the CDs that she borrowed are functioning. unlike mine, has error message popped up during installation, unable to continue. grrr....

write again tomorrow. =)


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