my first day to year 2 of my diploma

26th of may, it's my first day to attend lectures in year 2 (first semester) of my diploma.... kekeke... as well as my coursemates =)

we attended 3 lectures today.. they are "probability and statistics", "windows application programming" and "database development and applications". these units are interesting, and.... hard to score... *sob sob* so many units with 4 credit hours in this semester, it's kinda scary... wanna bang the wall pretty soon... wuakakaka.... have to work hard... seriously... all of us gotta work hard to score well in exam, gambatte!

the database, and programming units, they are kinda scary. once we fail, there's no way to resit these papers but to... REPEAT! lolx... no joke... gotta study well... pay full attention... =)

we are going to study about visual basic .net for programming... kekeke... interesting~ here we are... for another programming language... lecturer said it is easier than C language... emmm... hopefully what she said is right. for database, i'm kinda worried... lecturer told us there'll be three parts for our assignment, due to the complication of assignment.. lolx... sounds scary... so depressed... wuakakkaa... just kidding... hope we will be alright.

it's just the first day of study, lecturers told us to buy books... OMG! have to spend money... i think it'll be better if we could buy second hand reference books from seniors... =) here are the books we need... might still need other books... i'm not sure.. anyone know where can i get a few pieces of these books? i mean.... second hand books..
Book Title: Programming in Visual Basic .NET
(Visual Basic .NET 2005 Edition)
Author(s): Julia Case Bradley & Anita C. Millspaugh
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2006)

Book Title: Database Systems:
Design, Implementation and Management,
Sixth Edition (Hardcover)
Author(s): Peter Rob & Carlos Coronel
Publisher: Course Technology
(Thomson Learning)
Book Title: Microsoft Office Access 2003:
Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques
(Comprehensive Version)
Author(s): Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman,
Philip J. Pratt & Mary Z. Last
Publisher: Course Technology
(Thomson Learning)

the third book stated above is a practical textbook. this was what our lecturer told us... i'm desperately looking for these second hand books for my coursemates and i.. hahaha.... if anyone know where can i get these second hand books, do inform me ya. thanks =)



what !!!?? Need to repeat if FAILED?

Are you sure? Why ?

I also taking this 2 subject in my course =..="

I got the first book... I am so lucky.. My relative gave me ... I save my Money le !!! But different Cover Design...

mine International Version 2006.
Same Authors also =)

By the way..
Good Luck in your Study !

Rëŋϊѕë said...

hahaha.... a few courses from sas are taking the same subjects *blek*

gambatte ya! =)

eNNy said...

no wonder you blog is quite interesting. erm...can you share with us? if you are willing to share your knowledge with us....:p

Rëŋϊѕë said...

thanks for visiting here.
glad to hear that you like it =)

i've replied you in your blog.
well, i'm willing to share my knowledge for sure. =)

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