A nice japanese song

『時間よとまれ』Azu ft. Seamo it's the ending song of the anime《Itazura na Kiss》(恶作剧之吻).. i really like the rhythm of this song.. nice! nice! =)

i've added this song to the playlist at the sidebar. it's the first song in the playlist, named as "Jikan Yo Tamare - Azu ft Seamo". kekeke... here's the video: [CLICK HERE]

[MP3] 時間よとまれ

hope you like it too =)

emmm... yesterday i went out wit a gang of primary classmates.. lolx... 7 of us met up at KFC near to our primary school (Brickfields, KL). after lunch, there was only 6 of us going to Pavillion KL. 'cuz one of us wanna go home earlier. well... it's ok.. we will meet again next time, i'm sure. =) left 6 of us... we went to Pavillion KL... walk around... having second round lunch in Sakae Sushi >< hahaha second round of lunch or.. maybe tea time? kekeke..

xiao wen was about to take the menu book, but it accidentally hit on the hot tea... omg! ooouch! the hot green tea poured on my lap... awwww.... *sob sob* a lil pain nie... T.T never mind norh... she wasn't purposely want that to be happened.

we changed to the next table after that... continue having our meals... kekeke..
i've ordered a salad (costs me 6 bucks).. but then, i felt like being cheated... =X
the salad was really little... errr... i was hungry on that time, no choice but to order something else as my lunch (i wasn't having lunch while a bunch of us were at KFC) T.T my lunch costs me 21 bucks... awwhh... very expensive.

haha... both are empty.. =p i snapped this after my meal... keke... mostly people snap a picture of food before eating right? but i'm kinda weird... i snap picture after meal. wuakakaka... =p

after that, we went to Sungei Wang. thought of snapping "big head photo" but we weren't doing it. instead, we snapped a lot of photos using our digital cameras.. hahaha... two person brought digital cameras on that day. so, we snapped a lot of photos with many different poses.. hahaha... funny, crazy, weird poses... but the photos wasn't with me now >< really can't wait to see all the photos we snapped yesterday. both of them haven't transfer the photos into their computers. aikss... gotta wait... i'll upload the photos to my friendster profile once i got them =)

boring sunday.... wasn't having dinner today, i've made a cup of milo mixed with oats just now. it should consider as my dinner =X kekeke.... ok... i'm taking off... will write again soon.


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