Crazy photos uploaded!

kekeke... one of them has transferred the photos to computer and sent me... wuakakaka... we were really crazy to snap all the photos in the machine... is it called as machine? o.O hahahaha... whatever it is... we were in the... err... machine for quite a long time... snapped a lot of photos... i just uploaded some of it. it's in my friendster profile, [CLICK HERE] to view. kekeke... xD

arghhh... i reached college at about 12.05noon... i was rushing to block Q for my programming lecture... but... i never thought that college was out of electricity. >< *sweat* i was rushing for class nie... ended up class canceled... aikss...

went to canteen to meet them (my classmates). kekeke... copied the statistics lecture notes from gorilla and i left college with xiao ai... we decided to go jusco to buy some stuff... =)

*sob sob* brought 50 bucks with me, ended up left a few bucks only. bought a pack of milo it's already about 28 bucks.. T.T went out a while... almost 50 bucks has gone!! errrrr.... i'm "pok kai" already...

tired~ tired~ tired~~ i'm really in multitasking.. lolx.. chatting with my classmate, playing msn game with my roommate, writing blog entry now... kekeke.. check out the crazy photos in my friendster if you are free... =)



lol. out of electricity.
Luckily back to service. If not, my lab test need to postpone to next week =.="

but good thing is, the 3.30pm, out of electricity again. And class dismiss earlier xD wakaka

Rëŋϊѕë said...

lolx... really? hahaha..
my programming lecture was at 12noon,
aikss... canceled ><

i left coll at 12.30pm lolx..
went to jusco with my classmate until about 4pm. =p

what lab test u guys were having?
database? kekeke... any tips for me?
ryan~~~~ i want some tips tips...
kekeke =)

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