A bored Friday being in college

was finishing the data comm assignment this morning, till around 5am in the morning. kekeke. xD but... sleepy for whole day... *sob sob*

first class was ADIS tutorial, ms jennifer returned our mid term test paper... lolx... i got 19/20. hehehe.. not bad... just that 1 mark has deducted for not writing a title for the decision tree.. >< aiyook... never mind... still satisfy with it. xD

hmmm... a few of us went to CITC... xiao ai's group has to complete the data comm assignment, while i was just follow them, fix the header and footer for them and hang out with them only. =)

after that, xiao ai and i left CITC earlier, went to canteen 2 for lunch. chatted with xiao ai... and den... went to library with xiao ai, to renew the book she;s borrowing. it was about 1pm, time to attend programming class. was really blur in the class, what has the lecturer taught, none of it could get into my mind. T.T aikss... what can i do? lack of sleeps. here's some photos that we snapped during the 5 minutes break in programming class. hahaha.. uploaded them to my friendster profile. xD

* renise and xiao ai. we are like sisters~~

* gorilla, steven, sk, tommi
cathryn, renise, xiao ai, vivien

* cathryn, renise, xiao ai, and vivien. the only 4 girls in the class. xD

sleepy.. sleepy... i have my supper just now. hahaha... my housemates and i ordered supper from mcdonalds. blekk... not really full, just feel like wanna eat something, that's why we ordered supper. xD

gonna sleep soon, good night.


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