It was another outing on Wednesday

emmm... was rushing to block H this morning, for my statistics tutorial class. >< was late for class actually. during database practical class, our database lecturer distributed our written test papers. kekeke... my result wasn't so bad that i've thought before. errr... 32/40. not bad, not bad. still waiting for the results for practical test 1 & 2. she (lecturer) said she will let us know our results by next week. ><

after class, ryan and i went to pavilion for a movie, we watched "Wall-E". it's a nice movie. =) Wall-E and Eve are so cute in the movie. xD

heyy look at this, Wall-E has a rubik's cube, haha... but Eve solved it for Wall-E. xD

after movie, we went to have something to fill our tummies since the sky was raining at around 6pm. emmm... we went to ZEN. look what i've ordered for myself.. Orange Pecan Cake & Caffe Latte. was trying to order for a slice of green tea cake, but... it wasn't available on that time. = ="

* Orange Pecan Cake & Caffe Latte

* half full? or half empty?

the latte was okkay for me, but the orange pecan cake was a bit too sweet. =X hahaha.. but once in a while, eat something sweet like that is still okkay actually. not always... blekk.

about 9:45pm, i came back home, went to shower, rest and rest... then, started to rush my Case Study presentation slides. arghhhh.... not bad... manage to finish it in about 1+ hour time or 2 hours time.. i wasn't notice about the time when i started to do the powerpoint slides. hahaha.. xD the powerpoint slides is done! 34 slides in total. have a sense in accomplishment. wuakakakaa. blekk.

just finish downloaded 2 episodes of a japanese anime "Itazuna na Kiss". watched 'em just now too. xD errrr... gonna sleep soon, tomorrow still gotta attend classes, have to do presentation for Case Study somemore. =P

gotta go... =)



I am still thinking the half empty and half full thingy~ =.="

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

hahaha.. it's all bout your thinking.
still thinking? xP

Kenix said...

nice movie? i'd no time to watch the movie but hope will get it soon...haha...

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

kekeke... it's a nice movie kenix. xD

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