Journal 25 Aug to 27 Aug 2008

25 august 2008, monday;

we were all prepared for programming presentation, but my group didn't manage to present on that day, same goes to gorilla's group. kekeke... never mind, we presented on the next day. xD

my group was a bit kelam kabut to do last minute work, 'cause there are still errors and problems occur in our system. *sob sob* after programming class, we went for database lecture. kekeke... wasn't able to pay attention in lecture. >< after lecture has ended, i snapped a photo with cathryn. well... rarely have the chance to wear so formal, just take a picture. cheese!

hmmm... after class, most of us went to times square for a movie, there was 10 of us on that time. hahaha... before the movie starts, we went to a restaurant nearby to the cinema to have our lunch. hehe... this was what i have for lunch, a toast with peanut butter and ice cream on it. weeeeeee... nice. xD

we watched "death race", it's a nice movie, although i'm not that interested with car stuff like what guys do. xD there are lots of excited parts in the movie, you guys should watch it. hahaha.

26 august 2008, tuesday;

went to coll around 12noon for programming presentation, both of my modules, one is okay, another one ain't okay. T.T my programming skill isn't that good. *sighs* never mind. don't wanna bother about it after all. really gotta thanks tommi to link up all the modules, he worked hard on the assignment. >< so sorry to him that i wasn't doing much to help him. errr... thanks tommi, and... sorry too, tommi. hope ya don't mind. =)

after the presentation, i went to lecture hall to attend lectures, but many of them didn't show up. lolx.. there was only 7 representatives attended ADIS lecture and database lecture. wuakakaka... *speechless* =X

was really cold being in the same lecture hall for 2 hours, furthermore it wasn't much students turned up in the lectures. duhhh... whole lecture hall looked really spacious. hahaha. xD

27 august 2008, wednesday;

9am having statistics tutorial. *sighs* bored, no choice but to attend the class. my coursework marks for statistics is quite low, just 60+ marks. >< i'm not putting much hope on this unit, just hope to pass this unit in exam, score or not, it doesn't matter. i just don't think i can score well for this unit. =X

but for database, i really hope i can do well. hahaha.. will have to work hard for it. =) hope every student in the college can do well in exam. xD

again went out with my classmates after class. lolx... 13 of us on this time. xD we really spent too much time for outing. >< hahahaa... we went to greenbox today, spent 3 hours in there, from 3-6pm. emmm... not bad for the first time being in such place. xD but it's not really a good place for me to go to. after 6pm, we thought of going for dinner, but we separated to two teams. hahaha... the guys and the girls went to shop in different directions. i bought a pair of shoe for myself. xD

then we met up together at around 7+pm for dinner, and finally we went to u-village restaurant for dinner. xD we were playing a game from the minute we sat on the chairs till we were about to leave the restaurant. lolx.. all were curious to dig each others' secrets. >< we were playing a game where we have to tell a truth by answering the questions, just... a game which is similar to "truth or dare". we were using the sugar container on the table to turn around looking for victims. xD

we took bus home after dinner, when i reached home, it was about 10.30pm. kekeke...

emmm.... started to receive birthday testimonials in my friendster. wuakakaka... my birthday's coming. but too bad, it's our study week, no class will be conducted anymore 'cause this semester is about to end. =X

hmm.. i was thinking, people do make birthday wishes on their birthday, but... will it comes true? *wondering* well... just suddenly thought of the question that they asked me just now, during the game. >< nothing's gonna be perfect in this world, i'm imperfect, so does everyone else. everything is not gonna be just like the way i want it to be... *speechless*



Error and bugs... commom~

You and Cathryn look gorgeous in that photo =P XD

The toast with peanut butter and ice cream looks will make me fat... =="

Death Race, is nice. i watched the trailer.... xD

My programming presentation will be on this Friday...

That make sence... ADIS lecture~ this week I might not going at all...
need someone borrow his notes for me le...

Good Luck in ur statistic exam...
Ryan almost failed this subj....

I never been to Greenbox....

New shoe huh... how much?

The last time i play true or dare... forgotten..

Sept 1st... Renise's Birthday ~!
too bad... Ryan in hometown . can't celebrate with Renise =P

Happy Birthday =P

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

wooop? thanks ryan.
if you are not going to lectures,
better borrow your coursemate's notes to copy. =X

i'm worrying bout my statistics actually. >< aikss... arrrrghh.. don't wanna think bout it now.

new shoe.. errrr... around 35 bucks. xD it's in white color.

all the best in your coming exam. =)

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