Bored Saturday? Guess so...

emmm... went to putrajaya with my friend yesterday, to watch the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 (Grand Finale). kekeke... we watched a half hour fireworks continuously. it was nice... really NICE. xD

i recorded a short video of it (just about 5 minutes), it wasn't clear, 'cause the camera in my phone is just 2.0 mega pixels. not canggih enough. hahaha.. blekk. errr... i don't think i wanna upload in here, 'cause i recorded it in portrait angle, i don't know how to rotate it to landscape. ><

wasn't doing anything in the afternoon, and evening too. wasted a lot of time huh? >< saw my ex in the list, we chatted a while... talked about my birthday, until the birthday card keeping in my purse. i never took the small birthday card away from my purse, errrr... well, i got that card when i was in secondary four. then, all of a sudden, we got into... "the reason of breaking up last time".

nothing much to be mentioned, i did told him the reason just now. it's all past, what can we do is to look forward, look what's in front of us, think about what's gonna happen in the future maybe. i did felt down actually, in the meanwhile, Kai was looking for me in MSN just now. i told him i wasn't in the good mood, and he was kind to accompany me, dug the story from me. >< since he asked about the meaning of the phrase in my personal message, so i just tell him the story. [...]

well, what have passed, it's past. what's at present, if possible, i do hope there's a miracle between you and i. however... just let fate decides, maybe.




By looking at your PM that nitez.

I knew something wrong~

I just didn't ask...

now I guess no need to ask~

Now I knew ady =)

Just look at your the current post~

I just feel ...

ermmm.... dono how to say ~


Is there something I can do for you?

I am glad to help~

As long Ryan see Renise happy.

Ryan happy =)

Renise ~ Ryan always here for you oow~


a Q r a m said...

hey renise!

i've been there too~~!

very nice kan??hehe

Anonymous said...

heya! i like to watch this movie tooo eheheh XD

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

thanks anyway, i'm feeling alright. =)

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