My 19th Birthday on 1st September

other than my birthday, two of my friends who are leonick and kah fei, their birthday is on 1st september too. happy birthday to you! xD

thanks to my friends who sent me birthday wishes, no matter in friendster, in sms, in msn, or wished me birthday face to face... all the birthday wishes are so warmth. thanks to all of you~~ thanks a million. xD

was chatting with claini (my ex-colleague) on yesterday evening, i told her something like "you know what's tomorrow's date, but i bet you don't know what's the day for tomorrow". lolx... she then asked "1st september, your birthday is it?"... look at the way she asked, 100% i can guarantee she wasn't know when is my birthday, so... i continued tricking her by saying "hey i asked you for what's the day on tomorrow, then what were you saying that tomorrow's my birthday? who said my birthday is on 1st september?" wuakakkaa... after a while, she lost control and shouted "kanasai". how cute she is... lolx..

we planned to go to a pub nearby our houses here, just hang out together. there was makiyo (a really pretty young lady), alan (my ex-colleague), ah jie (claini's friend), daddy (claini's friend too), and of course with claini and i. we were chatting, playing poker cards, eating kuachi and listening to songs.. claini and makiyo sang a few songs..

until 12am, daddy started to sing birthday song... i was so surprise that they have actually bought me a birthday cake. yey! yey! thanks alan, for buying me the birthday cake. thanks claini for organizing a simple birthday party for me. thanks makiyo, ah jie and daddy too. xD

we snapped just a few photos:
(click on the grey box to view photos)

Samantha (a.k.a. Claini) and Renise.
Renise and the... cake? xD
Alan and Renise, he bought me the cake. xD
Cutting my birthday cake. =)
Again for two of us~ She's the one who planned for my birthday. Thanks sis. xD



Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Renise~
Happy Birthday to you~



`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

kekeke... thanks ryan. =)

lifeplayer said...

happy birthday, wish your dream will come true

lonelybabi said...

leave my footsteps here ^^
n aso my wish~~


`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

thanks lifeplayer and lonelybabi. xD
it's warmth.

a Q r a m said...

heyy heppy birthday!

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

thanks aqram. xD

hao1o6o said...

lol...ur b'day har?
i duno wor >< so sry

happie belated x2 b'day haa~~ mum~

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

lolx... like that also can huh?
too bad, it's too bad.

last year you guys still celebrated for me niie. ><

Ning said...

wow u seems to hv a great blasting celebration! sweeeet sweeeeeet 19 dy ;)

`` [ Rëŋϊѕë_ o.♥ ]] said...

kekekeke.... simple and enjoyable having time with my friends. xD

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