What a bored morning

aiksss... never wake up later than 6am these days. *sob sob* i really don't know what can i do to fix this. just within 2 weeks' time, i have already got into another life of mine. something just popped up in my life, messed my mind... it's a feeling of getting serious about something, but... well, nobody really knows what's going on, neither do i.

again back to the old days of mine, never let myself going to bed unless i'm freaking tired and sleepy. just not letting myself to think of whatever stuff in my mind. kinda stupid huh...? what can i do? i thought when i'm going to bed in this condition could makes me sleep until the late morning in another day, but it doesn't seem to be worked. after sleeping for two hours, i'll wake up and look at my phone, it was about 2 or 3am in the midnight... continue sleep a while, then do the same thing. surely will wake up for the second time at around 5am in the morning... *sighs* the time to get up maybe.... that's how i got up so early these days, and went to college with my panda eyes... lolx... =X

nothing much to do at this moment other than writing something here. errrr... thanks to Key, for being my experiment piggy last night... experiment piggy...? lolx... he listened to all the crap from me when he was kinda busy i think, 'cause he was doing his data comm assignment... kekeke... thanks bro. =)

it's thurday, classes will go on until 5pm... it's kinda late for me. >< after class, gotta do my programming stuff... =)


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