early sunday! i'm awake

emmm... was really tired dis whole week... wasn't sleeping well... *sighs* thought of not going out for today actually, but my friend sms-ed me saying that she has bought my ticket for the movie [The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor]

it was really a nice movie... with its interesting story, excited scenes, and so on. the graphics is so nice, really seems to be so real that i will rate it 5/5 seriously... hahaha.. really enjoy watching it.. it will not be a waste to pay 12 bucks for a movie this time. =) wuakakaka... i didn't even pay for the movie ticket, my friend said she treats me this time. awwh, so nice of her. thanks alicia! and thanks to franky too, for fetching me home. kekeke... was having a nice time with them, chatting at the cafe for about 3 hours i guess... lolx... wasn't notice that time passed so fast until franky told me it was already 8pm. xD

emmm... tired... tired... while i was using the hair dryer to dry my hair just now (arrrghhh.. i was forced by my mom to use it)... suddenly, i heard a 'plaaak' sound, OUUUUUUCHH! my right palm is pain... >< i got shocked that the dry dryer has caught a fire. i quickly threw it to the floor and unplug it from the cable. it was so scary... i rarely use hair dryer since i was... i was... primary school i guess.. i just don't like its noisy sound and the freaking hot air coming out from the hair dryer.. =X

*sighs* just feel like something has got into my nerves... but i just don't know what's that. every night sleep at around 1 or 2am, surely will be awake at about 5 or 6am... hey... i rise earlier than the sun... lolx... saw the time of the previous post? it was posted early in the morning.. ><

again for today, i slept at about 1am just now, but i'm awake at nearly 4am, couldn't continue sleep after that. *sob sob* what can i do? online, hang around in friendster, forums, playing with the rubik's cube that i asked my sister to buy for me. kinda bored huh? ya.. it is... finally found someone to talk to in the middle of the night. someone who i hv just met in the forum, a senior who are studying in TARC in microelectronic course. =)

errr.... he has just left me and go to his bed. arrrrrghhh... what can i do? going through the lecture notes for programming... sounds hardworking huh? haha... while revising on the notes, i'm playing with the rubik's cube. i've solve the first part easily as what my classmate has taught me about it. thanks to mr genius [keng sheng] and ah goh. xD

lucky i've left my old earphone at my parents' house, can wear it to blast my MP3s although everyone is still being in their dreamlands... kekeke...

finally! i heard that birds are singing with their wonderful voice in the sunday morning! almost 7am now... talking about sunday, week 11 is coming! oh gosh... time passes extremely fast... stressful exams are coming on their way.. T.T

hope everyone will do well in all kind of tests as well as in final. hey, really... i'm sincere to pray for everyone.. gambatte! gambatte! gambatte!


kAkii said...

The Mummy is not that nice as my expectation worr...
Though it's quite interesting lar..

ºll_❤Rëŋϊѕë❤_llº said...

hahaha... before this, i didn't like to watch the mummy, but not this time.


EC said...

come on...the mummy this time is about freshness! wud u wanna watch the same old bloody mummy again and see rick stop it the THIRD time?

wouldn't that be boring...the story is not about Rick at all. It's actually all surrounded around Zi Yuan, (Michelle Yeoh)and the Emperor (Jet Li). If your attention was on Rick all the time then it would be a movie worse than expected.

It's THEIR story not the O'Connell's. Look at the big picture. O'Connell's were just there at the right time to HELP kill the Emperor, a wish of Zi Yuan for 2000 years. She sacrificed her life to allow Rick n Alex stop the Emperor for her.

That's what this movie is about. The amount of hardwork put in the CG of the Terracotta Army was something to be fascinated and applauded for.

ºll_❤Rëŋϊѕë❤_llº said...

kekeke... ec, you have showed almost all the points that i wished to say to kakii earlier.

nice nice... =)

the movie is really interesting this time.. seriously.

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