finally! i'm free from exam. xD

emmm.. was a long time didn't update my blog. wuakakaka.. i started my first paper on 6th september. wasn't having any good rest during the exam period. *sob sob*

finally, i'm free from exam! hahaha...

i have watched "Moonlight Resonance" (溏心風暴之家好月圓) from episode 1 to 40 in this 3 or 4 days. haha.. kinda fast. xD

i went out whole day for today. wuakakaka... tired. =X went out to pavilion with kon nee, we have our lunch there, then we went to sungei wang just for window shopping. hahaha... not thinking of buying anything, just trying to pass our free time there. after sungei wang, both of us went to times square. kekeke.. walk around again. wasn't buying anything. ah... kon nee bought a bread. lolx. xD

* Renise being at times square.

* Kon Nee and Renise

* Renise and her birthday present.
Thanks Kon Nee for the birthday present ya. xD

after coming back from times square, i followed kon nee to her house to transfer some files to her lappy while waiting for elza to come back to brickfields after work. kekeke.. nigel came along too. four of us met up at mc donald to hang out together. =)

we left around 7+pm i guessed. they accompanied me to wait for my bus... thanks elza, kon nee, and nigel. *hug hug* haha. see you guys again tomorrow. xD


独孤星夜 said...

Holiday loh, congratulate you~~~

a Q r a m said...

oit..makan siang hari! x puasa ke?

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

haha... i'm not muslim...
not gonna puasa. xD

ťŘåĊ¥ said...

i oso use my holiday to finished the Moonlight Resonance

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