Another ex-schoolmates gathering

was having another ex-schoolmates gathering today. kekeke.. xD that day i went out with evelyn, sook yee, kon nee, yi mi, and kok hoe in mid valley. we chatted for a few hours in sushi zanmei in the garden. hahaha.. a lot of stories to share on that time.

this time, i went out with kon nee, elza, florence, edward, and jenny. hmmm... long time didn't meet jenny. >< as usual, chatted in some places like cafe or somewhere. xD we met up with mei hun and dana too, but both of them went for a movie without us. = =" haha.. never mind, let this 2 girls go for a date. lolx...

at the end before we went back, there was only four of us. elza, kon nee, edward and i. florence and jenny went back earlier by wai tian's car (we met wai tian somewhere in mid valley while we were having our lunch).

kekeke... snapped some photos at mcdonald's just now.

* with edward's specs... xD

* renise and edward (the future businessman... haha)

* elza and renise... lesbian couple? xD


独孤星夜 said...


♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...




from the picture, I can see you all are very close friend.

By the way, you look good with the spec on. =)

Florence said...

aiyo why me & jenny bek home liao oni u guys take pic de...
hahaha didnt ajak me take pic together 1 ? xD

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

hahaha.. you and her keep on "sim" away from us. aiyook...
so fast go back... then...
wuakakaka... i also don't know...
suddenly feel like wanna snap pictures then snapped some... =)

珊瑚海's bLog said...


♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...


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