the Butterfly Award

saw the nice butterfly logo? it's kinda nice. =)
i like this logo so much, it's my very very first award for blogging. feel so happy to get this award. weeeeeee... xD

million thanks to Chuan for this award. he's the one who nominated my blog. =) thanks chuan~~ glad that chuan remembers me. kekekeke. xD

emmm.. what's "butterfly award"? i might guessed the same thing as other people did. it's to nominate 10 blogs that we think they are really nice or cool to share with other people. =)

those who decided to accept this award, they will follow the below steps:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

there are 10 bloggers here that i think their blogs are nice and cool.

tadaaaa.. this award is proudly to be given to:

01. Rainmin
02. EC
03. 小熊の家
04. Jun Xuen
05. Malaoz
06. Zac Teng
07. Kate
08. Jason
09. Aqram
10. Ning

congratulations to 10 bloggers here! xD



nice award niie~

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

thanks. xD

独孤星夜 said...

why no including yourself...?

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...


i got this award, so i have to give it to other bloggers.

by the way, not just chuan award it to me, Ryan and EC awarded it to me too. xD

Rain said...

OMG I'M AWARDED??? somemore I'm in the first position!! Hahahah~ omg a thausands of thanks to you nini~~!! x333 *hugs hugs* =D

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...


hehe.. yupp.. xD
you are most welcome.

chuan said...

u are deservely for it.. XD

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

hehe.. thanks chuan. =)

MB joker said...

Woow, we're in ur list!! hahaz, thanks for ur reckon yea.... U did, had a wonderful blog as well~
hahaz, enjoy ur holiday nicely yea~

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

kekeke... you are welcome.
and thanks too. xD

bearbear said... nice !!

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...


you are welcome~

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