Terrible Moment on Friday

yesterday was quite a terrible day for me, arrghhh... back to friday (yesterday), i was having lectures from 9-12noon. was once, i looked at my watch, it was 10.00am. something came to my mind saying that "results release on 10am, it's now!". goshh... i felt worried and scared to know my results. bout 10:30am, my classmate tommi SMS-ed me, was telling me his results. i didn't know what should i do, i don't wanna die... ><

then, i replied him with my login ID and password, for him to check my results... bad bad bad... bad news from him after he has checked on my results. i failed one subject, it's probability and statistics. grrrrr.... i don't wanna see any of my subjects failed. T_T especially mathematics subject, it's bad.... no other way but to resit that subject?

i was so not in the mood to attend the next class, skipped a tutorial class after that. *sighs* look... i keep my results record in MS Excel, and now... it's so "ugly".... T_T

i never fail any subject in college before, this is the first time. OMG~~ *sob sob* it pulled down my CGPA... NOOOOOOOOO.... T_T

i gotta work harder to push my CGPA higher now. *fingers crossed*


ťŘåĊ¥ said...

gambateh in the subject yea =)
all d best to u

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

thanks tracy... =)

kAkii said...

hw to check the CGPA???

kAkii said...

ops...u do it urself one??

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

can calculate by yourself...

for example if you only have two subjects, AACS xxx3 (ends with "3" means 3 credit hours) and AACS xxx4 ("4" means 4 credit hours).

if you scored A- for AACS xxx3 and B+ for AACS xxx4, see this:

Grade | Grade Point
A | 4.0
A- | 3.75
B+ | 3.5
B | 3.0
B- | 2.75
C+ | 2.5
C | 2.0
C- | 1.75
D | 1.0

GPA = credit hour X grade point
CGPA = all GPA plus together / total credit hours

* GPA stands for Grade Point Average

for AACS xxx3, scored A- and;
for AACS xxx4, scored B+:

(3 X 3.75) + (4 X 3.5) / 3 + 4
= 3.6071

therefore, the CGPA will be 3.6071

Anonymous said...

everyone will have a 1st time..hehe..take it as an experience hehe

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