Year 2009! CNY soon, and Exam's coming

It's year 2009~~ 10th day of January 2009, here goes my first post for year 2009. xD Some of my friends asked me "What did you plan to do in this year?" "Any new goals to achieve?" and so on, I never really think about it until now. I think I should plan for 2009, at least. =)

It's 10th January now, everybody is saying that "Hey, Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming soon", but, my exam is coming even sooner than CNY man. *speechless* Really gotta try my best in this coming exam, it's alive or die in the exam. ><"

Okkay, come back to the plan for 2009. xD When I was about to plan, here's the stuff that popped up in my mind:

[1] First, try my best in the exams, remain my CGPA above 3.0 and get myself graduate in this year by not making myself resit for any paper in next semester!

[2] Get into Advanced Diploma course after I've completed my Diploma, in this year too.

[3] Hope my friends will be at my side no matter what they are facing as well as what I'm facing. It includes problems, happiness, and so on. Friends should share stuff with one another, right? xD

[4] Never really feel happy since... Hmm... God knows how long time it was. Really gonna look for the something which can cheer me up.

[5] Friends who treated me well, hope they will be happy all the time, and things go smooth and all fine. (Does this consider a plan of mine? Or it's more like a wish for my friends? xD)

[6] Be more independent than before, I'm not a lil girl anymore.

[7] Not letting anyone to break my heart over and over again. It's awful to feel the pain in my heart, seeing someone being like nothing happened before.

[8] Work harder to be who I should be in my life, looking for the desire to do better in everything.

[9] Treat everyone well like what I used to do, maybe.. I will be able to find someone special for me one day. Who knows~? *blekk*

[10] I will still think of other person's feeling before I think of mine, 'cause I care for everyone who's around me. =)

Wooo... Already having 10 wishes here. Quite a lot huh...? =)

Hope I'll be doing better in this year than year 2008. Anyway, exam's coming pretty soon, my first paper will be on next Thursday (15th January), gotta gambatte~! Gambatte to all who will be sitting for exam too~


Anonymous said...

hi, can you teach me how to make a layout like ur blog, or any link recommend? thx

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

Sorry, I discovered this switching content method from other my friend's blog.

It's using a javascript in order to switch the content by navigating the links such as [♥ the Stories],[♥ about Author] and others.

You can try to search for it in Google. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

could you share your code with us?
it is purely for education purpose.
we appreaciate your generousity, thx so much :)

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

You can try to discover the source in my blog by going to View > View Source/Page Source.

Any area that you don't understand,
feel free to e-mail me at

Have a nice day~

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