Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Gonna say Goodbye to 2008 and say Halo to year 2009~ Year 2009 is the year of the Ox. Happy Ox Year to everyone~~ Wish everyone have a happy and prosperous new year. xD

Long time didn't hang out with anyone, I was prepared for my exam in last 2 weeks. *sob* After my Internet Programming paper on Thursday (22nd Jan 2009), I can finally take a short break to have a proper breath to the fresh air around, although the air in KL is not really fresh. Hahaha. xD

I went out to Mid Valley yesterday and today. I met up with Elza (my best girl buddy) and Nigel (my so-called lil brother) yesterday. Just hang out with them, chit chat, had lunch together, and walk around~ nothing much to do, 'cause we weren't there for shopping. =P Today, it was about the same, I was at Mid Valley with my senior, ST. We walk around, chit chat a lot, had lunch together~ Sounds bored huh? But I ain't feeling bored. We got a lot of stories to share, about secondary school, college, and etc. Hahaha... Like having never ending conversation no matter we were walking or having lunch. xD

We snapped just a few photos on Friday, with Nigel and Elza.

Renise and Elza

Renise and Nigel

Nigel and Elza

Renise and Elza

Hmmm... Mid Valley is crowded with people today. Everyone is shopping, dating, hanging out with friends and so on, to enjoy the Chinese New Year feel in Mid Valley? Hahaha. xD

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all of the visitors who have been here, to my friends, to everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year as well as people who doesn't celebrate this red red season. Haha. xD


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