New Layout Again~ Just A Lil Update~

After a long while~ I'm back to my blog for a lil update. Hehehe. xD

I'm done with my second semester of study in my second year of diploma! Chinese New Year ended, previous semester ended, previous exam ended, and semester break is gonna end pretty soon. One more semester to go before I graduate my diploma~ I'm gonna push myself to fight for the last semester in diploma!!

Still in semester break now, and I'm working for a part time job at Kelana Jaya. Anyway, I'm gonna quit working next Wednesday. Wanna have a rest and enjoy my last few days of the holidays before next semester starts. =)

Previously I was busy with assignments, revision, exam and so on. In this semester break, spend most of my time working. *Sob sob* Errr.. I spent a lot of time working, at the same time, I spent a lot of money as well. *Sighs* Busy, busy, busy... But no matter how busy I am, I still spent a lil time to do a lil update in my blog. Haha. xD

This is my previous blog layout:

Hahaha... Now, changed to this layout:

Really don't have much time to update. ><" Will update again next time. =)


mLCS said...

The picture seen like lack of abit of resolution... but overall still quite nice... when u free help me design one ah... haha

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

Hehe... Thanks Uncle Lim. xD

Lack of resolution?
Mind to give a lil lecture here?
Seriously I don't know much bout multimedia stuff. *sob sob*


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