Days Which I Enjoy My Semester Break

Hmmm... I stopped working after Tuesday. So, Wednesday I stuck at home for whole day, didn't go anywhere but to weave the spider web at home. Haha... Just kidding. xD Never think of going out for any movie, 'cause I've watched "The Punisher" with my colleagues (coursemates too) on Monday at 1Utama after work. It's a really nice movie. =) Well, Monday I was just online whole day, downloaded a novel "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Austen. It's a famous novel from a famous writer. I'll spend time on it. =)

Then, it was Thursday~ Went out with my girl buddy Elza. She accompanied me to get my hair cut. Wasn't getting a new hairstyle actually, I just wanna make it look a lil more tidy. =P Emm... After we had lunch at Petaling Street, we went to 1Utama by bus. It took us bout 40 mins to reach 1Utama from KL Central, quite some time~ My first time taking bus to 1Utama. xD Well, we had a nice long chat in Old Town Kopitiam. Hahaha... Like two 'Ah Pek's hung out at kopitiam, we ordered drinks and toasted bread. xD After that, we went to the shop where Tommi's working. Met him there, and accompanied him for his dinner. Was a long while I didn't see him after the IP paper (exam), before the Chinese New Year on 2009.

Friday~ Hmmm... Met Nigel about 3+pm after he got his hair cut. Haha. xD He gonna rush back to his college bout 6pm for class. So we just had some time to get a drinks in any cafe. We went to Gasoline, spent bout 2 hours there. Were just chatting bout some stuff that we used to share. After 6pm, we both took monorail at two opposite sides, he was heading to Titiwangsa, while I was heading to KL Central. Never know that I went out from and back home so fast, just out for few hours only. = ="

It's Saturday today~ Next semester is gonna start pretty soon. Yay!! I don't like long semester break which more than 1 week. Weird huh? xD Saturday, what I've did today? Elza came to hang out in my house for whole day. Hahaha. xD We online, and played cards with my cute lil girl - Jessie. xD Has been a really long time I didn't see her, long time didn't spend time playing with her, chatting with her, laugh along with her, and hugging her. Awww... I really miss you a lot Jessie. *hugs* Jessie, Elza and I spent whole afternoon being together to play cards. OMG~ She's not tired in playing cards but I felt tired with it. Jessie was like gonna have a never-ending game with the cards, not letting Elza and I go even after dinner. =X Haha. Jessie's brother - Sung Jie joined us too, for the cards game. xD

At night around 10+pm, I finally got the chance to drive on my mom's Kancil car. Wuakakaka. xD Was a really long while I didn't drive after I got my P license. I remember I only drove my mom's Kancil twice right after I got my P license in hand. Now, I'm not with my P license anymore, it's my real driving license~ Hehe. xD For so long time I didn't drive, I thought I might be nervous until my legs and hands feel numb, or maybe shivering. But ended up everything goes just fine~ Haha. Steady~ xD I managed to drive from KL Central area till I reached home (Old Klang Road) and from home to Sri Sentosa and back home again. Wuakaka. xD

Hmmm.. Eyes feel dry~ Gotta go to bed soon. Hehehe. Will write again soon. =)


LOVE wendy said...

i answer ur Tag already...hehe

♥. Rëŋϊѕë_ ✖ said...

Haha. Okkay Wendy. =)

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