Finally Back to College Tomorrow~

Weeee... Gonna start college tomorrow. xD

I hung out with my friends Li Ean and Aaron at Mid Valley just now, watched "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li". It's a nice movie. I like its story line. =) Mid Valley was crowded with people, what to do~~ It's Sunday~ And it is how a shopping mall will looks like in every weekend. = ="

I'm back to my so-called hostel, just another house in KL where I stay during the days which I have classes in college. =) Was bout a month I'm away from here. Can't stand on the environment where the floor's dirty~ I mopped the floor and wiped my table~ Feel much more better now. Haha. xD

Nothing much to do now~ Just watched another episode of Ghost Whisperer (season 4), and chatting with my ex-colleague. He threw me a link, it's a music video from Coldplay, for the song "Life In Technicolor Ii". OMG~ This video is so cute and cool~ Haha. I'm kinda in love with this video, it's creative and cool. Seriously, you guys should spend a lil time to watch this:


Haha. Nice video anyway. Gotta go to bed soon~


pacu said...

i watched chun li 3x in just a day. i've written a blog about it. maybe you wanna drop by and read. :)

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