Bubye to Dr Mark Merry~ I Miss My Sister T_T

In week 2 of my first semester, we were honored to have Dr Mark Merry giving us lectures for 3 weeks; in week 2, week 3 and week 4. He's the Director of Information Technology & Security in Campbell University at USA, was giving us lectures for the course of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD). After this three weeks lectures with us, he has to go back to US after his last lecture with us on yesterday~ xD

Here's a photo of the presented AIT1 students on yesterday, with Dr Mark Merry and Ms Tan, our lecturer too.

Saw the big cards on the table? It's from us~ The AIT1 students. =) Tuesday night, I called along course rep. to choose a gift for Dr Merry. We ended up being at Mid Valley~ Haha. Chosen a neck tie for Dr Merry. =) Then, we went to Memory Lane to get a huge card for him. xD Then, we signed in the card and gave to Dr Merry. xD

Here goes another photo~ A photo of me and Dr Mark Merry in the lecture hall. =)

Bubye Dr Merry~~

Awww... Writing about saying bubye~ I really miss my sister~ T_T She's now at Sibu, Sarawak. Far away from home~ Sibu is in east Malaysia~ *sobs* She's there for her National Service. *sighs* Hope she takes care of herself well. I'm kinda worry about her. She has never been so far from home before this.

I'm tired these days~ I went to SAS office almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. ><" New timetable has just ready, next week onwards, my classes won't be so pack. Phew~~ I think we will have time to prepare our assignments and discussions, hopefully~ *fingers crossed*

Will write again next time, I'm feeling so sleepy~


Florence said...

when c d lecturer hall really make me think back a lot memories in TARC... haha xD

♥ Renise said...

haha. sure luu~ when is your convo?
i still don't know when is mine. =X

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