My Busy Week 3 of the Semester

In previous post, I mentioned that I was going to attend an orchestra on 7th June, right? Haha. It was kinda interesting being there. I got the chance to listen to another style of Symphony No. 5 C Minor (Op. 67)~ Haha. The tempo was faster compared to the original one. =) Here's a part of the AIT1 students (my coursemates and I), snapped this photo with my tutor Miss Su:

(click to enlarge)

Here comes the pretties~ Oops~ Only one pretty, she's Aeon (a.k.a. Xiao Ai). We snapped this photo outside the KLCC after the orchestra. xD We both were in black on that evening~ Girls in black, not 'Men in Black'Haha. xD

Last Saturday, on 13th June, my cute cute Jessie came to my house to hang out with us. Haha. Has been a really long time I didn't meet her. Miss her so muchiie~~ xD I snapped a photo of here while she was using my notebook to play Restaurant City if i am not mistaken. xD So cute of her, right? Hehehe. She misses me a lot too~ She hugged me few times while I was working on my meeting dialogue script for English subject on that day. LOL~ xD

Yoo! Look at my exam result slips here~ With college stamp on each of them. Wooo~ xD I have been through and completed 6 semesters for Diploma~ YEY!! 6 semesters, 6 final exams, so here goes the 6 exam result slips~ Need it for some applications~ That's why I have to dig them out from the envelopes.

Next, check out my Domokun cute wallpaper in my notebook. xD Eat eat eat~ Eat the icons~ xD Haha. Saw the icons in his mouth? xD NOOOOOO~ My files~ xD

Hehe~ Look~ My mom put a frame for the family photo~ xD It's on the television at the living room~ Awwww~ I miss my mama so much~~

My roommate Annie cooked dinner for me~ Awww... So sweet of her. It makes me feel so touch~ She said that this is her first time cooking bihun for me~ Wuakakaka... Her first time in cooking gave to me already~ LOL!! Her first time cooked bihun for me~ Hmmm... I'll rate it 4/5 stars~ Wuakakaka. It considers very good for the first time, really~

Haha. I guess, that's all for this time. Will write again when I have free time. xD


iriene said...

Congrats! Wow, completed all the 6 final exams ... keep it up!
How I wish to have a chance to learn music... pursue your dreams and may your dreams come true! All the best.
Do drop by my blog if you r free. Tks!

♥ Renise said...

hehe~ been there~
thanks iriene.

Anonymous said...

haha.. pretty wor.. ^^

♥ Renise said...

hahaha~ yeah~ xD

iriene said...

Me again! :) No new post? U must be very busy leh.. it's all right, study come FIRST, Very Good! I just clicked Kakiis & Honda ads on ur blog :D, Do drop by my blog - hv new video - hope u will enjoy it, tks!

♥ Renise said...

haha.... i'm not having holidays now, so, won't be able to update everyday.

will drop by at your blog. =)
good day~

Anonymous said...

6 exam slips! haha..
i got 7 edy... and now im in my final semester.. =)

♥ Renise said...

hehehe~ don't talk about exam, my first exam in my advanced diploma will be in september. =X

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