There Goes the Second Week T_T

So sorry to the recent readers of my blog~ It haven't been updated for few days. *nod nod* Hehe. Well~ I've started my tutorial classes, practical classes, as well as case study classes in the second week. Kinda rush in teaching and learning process compared to Diploma level of study. Previously in Diploma, lecturer teaches one chapter in one week's time. But now, lecturer teaches one chapter in one lecture, it's equivalent to a two-hours lecture. OMG~ We gotta absorb one chapter in 2 hours' time. T_T

The timetable is somehow.... Quite pack. Classes are from 8 or 9am until 5 or 6pm. Haha... Normal working or business hours, right? xD Kinda tiring but we have no choice, and this is what we say "It's life". xD Assignments started to divide into groups~ Gotta start doing case study and so on. *sighs*

Gonna get some documents for photocopy and to be certified soon, for college use. It is troublesome~ *speechless* Lucky this coming Tuesday morning we don't have practical class in the morning, due to our tutor will be going for Cisco meeting. I'll have a lil bit of time to settle my college bill and get some documents for certification. *pheww*

Yesterday~ It's over 12am now, so... Should I say, last Friday, I rushed back home for a family photo shooting. xD Grabbed few photos~ Haha. xD My mom loves this following photo a lot, 'cause she loves us~~~ YEY!!! My younger sister and I. xD I don't know what you think about this photo, I find it kinda stupid and yet funny. We both were having no idea how to pose. Duhhhh... Was laughing before taking this photo. xD

Sis, I'm gonna miss you lots~ T_T My sister will be going to National Service camp in Sibu, Sarawak for 3 months. *sobs*

Tomorrow I'm gonna attend an orchestra somewhere in KLCC, with my classmates, coursemates as well as other students who are taking the same music subject with me. xD It'll be my second time of attending an orchestra. xD Haha. It's another experience for me again~ Here's the ticket~ Lecturer gave us a student price for the ticket, it costs only RM10. =)

Heyy, look, I found a nice sunset view in few days ago, 4th June 2009, around 7.30pm. Look at the cloud~ I saw something~~~~ It's a love-shaped cloud~ Not a complete love shape but it still got the shape. Know what I'm saying? Hahaha.. xD I didn't make that love-shaped cloud, it was just there~ I snapped a picture of it when I saw that. Awwww.... It's so nice~ Especially I can see nice sunset in 18th floor. xD

Yooo! Wanted to read more huh? Haha.. Whether it's a 'yes' or a 'no', I'll still write again in here. See ya~


puccagal123 said...

that photo really very beautiful... i also hope i can take a photo seem like this with my sister... the cloud is not clear to see the love shaped...but i had c the love shape at the day...haha

Richard Ling said...

i could see the love-shaped in that photo`.. that is


and u're staing in genting klang?

♥ Renise said...


hehe. my first time take a photo with my sister at this age without me holding the camera. xD

Richard Ling,

i love that photo~ xD yupp, staying at setapak ria condo~ xD

Anonymous said...

oh national service..
ppl say fun.. but i didnt attend.. not selected.. haha..

thats MPYO! i was there a day earlier.. haha.. nice performance!=D

renaye said...

nice! i have been to MPO twice only!

♥ Renise said...

kenwooi, renaye,

the first time i been to an orchestra was a performance from MIB, that time i was just form 4.

so long time never been to orchestra, last sunday was a great performance of the orchestra. =)

i enjoyed myself a lot. =)

Teddy said...

u sound so busy wif ur life in class.. hahaha...

♥ Renise said...

yoo teddy~ long time no see, short time no look (in blogs i mean) xD

yeah, kinda busy in this semester. it's unlike diploma classes in previous time. diploma was time to relax and study, now we are also relax and study, just that it isn't that free as last time. ><"

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